Our Services


Church Accounting Solutions

Our Church Accounting Solutions provide an effective addition to your church financial team. Our Accounting Solutions are available at different levels which provide at the most basic level additional internal controls, account reconciliation and tailored financial statements. The most robust level of service includes Wisdom becoming the financial back-office for the church. Check out the different levels of accounting solutions we offer.

Payroll Solutions

Our Payroll Solutions provides the assurance that the payroll, tax payments, and government reporting are done for your church by financial professionals who understand church compensation issues. Check out the different levels of payroll solutions we offer.


Ask Wisdom Program

Do you wonder where you can turn with church related accounting questions? Our Ask Wisdom Program provides access to our staff on a call-in basis in hour increments. Ask Wisdom.

Personal Tax Preparation

We provide personal tax preparation and planning for both clergy and believers. Our work reflects our values of personal client relationship and spiritual worldview. We optimize your tax position while maintaining a high level of integrity.


Financial Statement Preparation

New accounting rules allow for Financial Statement Preparation (FSP) by a CPA. The reputation and professional judgment of CPAs give these reports credibility. With less stringent regulations on these reports than audits, reviews, or compilations, these reports can be issued at a lower cost.

Getting Started Program

Looking for a fresh start with your church books? Our Getting Started Program gets a church started properly. Wisdom opens the new church accounting file and over a 90-day period uses screen sharing technology to train the bookkeeper in the new system.