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Up to 60% of all church payrolls contain errors.


Incorrect payrolls are ticking time bombs. They are waiting for the IRS to explode them after receiving an incorrect payroll tax report or by challenging a pastor’s personal 1040 tax return.

Penalties and interest paid to the IRS are not good stewardship of the Lord’s money. And in very serious cases, fines can be levied personally upon Officers and Board members who failed in their fiduciary responsibilities.

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The Wisdom Over Wealth Difference


Wisdom Over Wealth is a quality conscious provider that advocates and partners with our church clients to provide expert payroll services. With Wisdom Payroll, you have the benefit of working with an exclusive church payroll provider who has the experience and passion to do your payroll correctly.


Wisdom Church Payroll Guaranteed Services


A designated Wisdom Payroll specialist who knows your church and its unique circumstances as well as the unique requirements of a clergyman’s compensation.

No charge for IRS payroll intervention.

Clergy Voluntary Withholding counseling to remove the need for quarterly estimated payments.

A "set-it-and-forget-it" payroll capability for churches selecting the Flexible Hours solution for part-time non-exempt employees.

Fixed price for 12 months.

Employee login to obtain their payroll advices and W2s.

America’s premiere payroll engine is backed by CPAs and the entire CPA Ministry team. Wisdom‘s CPAs can seamlessly pursue the problems into the clergy’s form 1040 if necessary.

Your payroll is done correctly and on time or it is free.

We are the only provider servicing FLSA’s "Fixed Salary for Flexible Hours". This Flexible Hours structure is an ideal church solution for church part-time non-exempt employees.

"30 day Up-And-Running Guarantee". Payroll will be operational within 30 days of receiving all forms and information or the set-up is free.

ACH remittances to employee’s bank accounts.

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