Many Church Payrolls are Incorrectly Prepared. Is Yours?

Wisdom Over Wealth is offering a complimentary review of your church’s payroll.


Why do we say many church payrolls are incorrectly prepared?

We have seen a startling amount of church payrolls that are incorrectly prepared. These are usually payrolls where the church relies upon a major payroll company. Although an innocent decision made by the church, the truth is that church payrolls are a small part of a large clientele for these major payroll companies, and they do not train their staff on how to set up clergy payroll for dual status individuals.


Wisdom finds mistakes in payroll preparations such as:

  • Taxes are improperly withheld and reported.

  • The housing allowance is incorrectly set up, and often is overstating income on clergy W-2 forms.

  • Payroll frequencies are in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Wisdom would love to bless your ministry by reviewing your payroll, and providing a phone call with our findings. If you are interested, we would love to hear from you! Please give Bill a call at 617-921-9321 or send an email to