Is Technology in Your Toolkit?


Two weeks ago we introduced the importance of utilizing technology in your church accounting processes in the first post of our “Using Technology” series.  This week we are concluding our series by focusing on technology that integrates directly with Quick Books Online.  These tools can help solve pain points many churches face for both efficiency and increased internal controls to help your church prevent fraudulent activity.

To help identify the best technology fit for your church, we have identified the problems each of these technologies solve:

Is your Bookkeeper tired of chasing receipts each month?  

Software, like Expensify, links with your card accounts and allows for seamless uploading of receipts from your smart phone or computer.  With tech like this the purchaser is able to directly upload receipts and choose the appropriate accounts instantly for each expense in a pre-set chart of accounts. Could a tool like Expensify be a solution for your church?

Are you tired of your Bookkeeping having to create manual checks? Do you want the ability to seamlessly approve expenses before they are paid?

Online bill payment software, like, saves you the hassle of writing and sending out checks! is a unique platform that combines the ease of online bill pay with an approval system.  With tech like your bookkeeper is able to log into the system, create bills using uploaded invoices, then a notification is created and sent to approvers who approve each expense. Once approved, payment are sent directly from while everything is synced with your QuickBooks Online account.

Have you ever considered the convenience and functionality of a credit card but are wary of the risks involved?

Pre-paid debit cards, like Bento for Business, combines convenience and functionality with spending control limits right at your fingertips! This plus the ease of uploading receipts and tagging purchases to a specified chart of account brings both convenience and ease to the whole expenses process.

These are just three technology tools that will allow you to say goodbye to manual record keeping and check writing! Managing your books utilizing technology has never been easier with systems that integrate directly to your QuickBooks Online account.

Let technology to work for you! Contact Wisdom Over Wealth to help you choose the best technology tools for your Church.